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Expansion joints

KRON ENERGY LLC supplies expansion joints by leading global manufacturers and non-standard expansion joints by request. Having a professional group of marketing specialists, KRON ENERGY LLC can be rightfully called an expert in professional selection and selling of expansion joints by leading global manufacturers.

Metal bellows expansion joints are the main method of compensating pipe systems expansion, caused by difference in temperature, pressure and external physical movements. Bellows expansion joints are made of stainless steel pipes, formed from cold-rolled sheet, connected by longitudinal joint welding seam. Bellows wrinkles are formed by cold-rolling method, which makes them more durable in comparison with wrinkles, formed by hydraulic method.  

Rubber-chord expansion joints are made with special synthetic rubber with chord armoring. Estimated service life of Ditec rubber expansion joint is 20 years, and it doesn’t require any maintenance or repairs. During its service life this expansion joint endures periodic movement relative to original installation position, a short term deformations of axial compression/elongation, as well as short-term lateral deformations.


Fabric expansion joints are used for solving constantly growing quantity of technical requirements. As technology advances and constructions are made more complicated, expansion joints are used more frequently in the industry, particularly – in energy sector. Expansion joints also used in heating and ventilating systems, marine facilities and offshore production, environment pollution control and furnace gases treatment, in hydrocarbon industry, pulp and paper industry, burning of waste etc.

KRON ENERGY LLC formula for success is knowledge of manufacturers market, constant monitoring of new technologies and researches of present real demands and opportunities in Russian industrial sector. KRON ENERGY LLC expansion joints conform to highest standards of quality and used in all pipe systems  of housing and utility sector, in hydrocarbon, chemical, gas and metallurgy industries.


About company

KRON ENERGY LLC provides technical consultation, planning, selection and supply of industrial equipment by leading manufacturers on territory of United States and other countries.

We only work with largest and best-known American manufacturers of industrial equipment. Due to direct dealer contacts we can minimize..

Our beliefs

- We believe that only quality equipment is able to provide long working lifespan with minimum maintenance cost.
- Our clients should be able to choose equipment which can satisfy the most demanding request.
- Our company is in continuous development, ensuring that our clients get the most up-to-date and quality equipment..

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